An Annual Affair

The Or Not Experience

The Or Not Experience is the proprietary conference collaboration between Loeb.nyc and Bonin Ventures geared towards brand marketers. The event is designed to separate the hype from the real conversation around the latest marketing trends. Each year focuses on a new theme, but the result is always the same: education, information and empowerment around elusive marketing tactics.

Join us in our 3rd year as we explore one of the newest topics, cannabis.

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The Event

Why Cannabis?

The prohibition and regulation of cannabis has been exhaustively debated for decades. But now that modern day culture is inching closer to legalization, we had to wonder how it fit into society as a business. Pot or Not is aimed to demystify the plant as more brand collaborations, supporting technologies and investments sprout up.

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“As marketers, we’re constantly being inundated with the next big thing. We’re lured by the promise of reach, relevance, and the ever- elusive “cool factor” to capture the slippery attention of our evolving audience. We are duped into believing that without the latest technology or platform, our products will lack and lose importance…The Or Not Experience was designed to educate marketers on the latest trends and tactics so they can reject those false notions.”

THE Venue

Southampton, NY


Gather with some of the most innovative minds from all business sectors at one of the most exclusive homes in Southampton, NY — famous for its appearance on the Showtime hit, Billions.


THe agenda

Featured Speakers

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