“As Marketers, we’re constantly being inundated with the next big thing. We're lured by the promise of reach, relevance and the ever-elusive “cool factor” to capture the slippery attention of our evolving audience. We are duped into believing that without the latest technology or platform, our products will lack and lose importance… The // or Not Experience was designed to educate marketers on the latest trends and tactics so they can reject those false notions”


Pot // or Not 2019

A 360 degree examination of the emerging cannabis industry.

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Why Cannabis?

When evaluating the different trends in the market, cannabis emerged as an area that presented an equal number of opportunities as it did obstacles. We selected cannabis as this years theme because of the various conversations around consumers, legalization & emerging tech.

On May 31st, we will develop a 360 Degree conversation around cannabis with a special emphasis on the buyers, the market, the supporting businesses and how to navigate the evolving legality.

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